How To Enable Extensions in Windows 10

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As you may know by now, Windows 10 is not an ideal OS in any way. Every now and then, Microsoft messes something up and countless people get affected.
This is no different. Many users are facing this random issue where they can’t see the extension of their files. I myself faced this issue a few times and it can be really frustrating if you don’t already know how to fix it.
Keep reading to know the steps to enable extensions in Windows 10.

Step – 1

View option in explorer menu

Open File Explorer / This PC and click the View button.

Step – 2

options option in explorer's view menu

Click the Options button

Step – 3

Windows Folder Options

Click View option

Step – 4

Unticking hide extensions option

Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types

Step – 5

applying the changes

Apply the changes

Step – 6

Closing folder options. All done.

Click OK to close the Folder Options

That’s It.