Contagion (2011) – The perfect movie to watch during lockdown!

Contagion movie bridge scene featured image

It’s 2020 and the entire world is suffering from COVID-19. It is infecting and killing us and there is no vaccine for it. Self-quarantine and social distancing are the only things keeping us safe.

Note : This article is spoiler free.

In the midst of this pandemic, an old movie emerges again and It’s none other than Contagion (2011).
The reason is simple. The similarities between this movie and this pandemic are uncanny.

a sick female doctor

People get panicked easily and make countless mistakes that endanger the lives of not just them but others too. Touching anything and everything even when they know that whatever they are touching might have the virus. A single mistake can cost the lives of them and their family and anyone they come in contact with.

government telling the approximate number of people who will contract the disease

There is no shame in accepting that we were not prepared for a pandemic. Governments all around the world were not prepared. We had many years to prepare for a potential pandemic or any other disaster but instead nobody gave a single shit about it.

A father and his daughter in a store trying to buy as many things as they can

Once people heard the news about an outbreak, they went to their nearby stores and started stocking as many things as they could. That made everything worse. People who genuinely needed those things couldn’t buy what they needed.

People in a pharmacy, pushing each other, breaking things, rushing to get medicines and other stuff before stock runs out.

Rumors about potential vaccines went viral on social media. Even our own governments spread some of the rumors.
People went to pharmacies to buy Hand Sanitizers, Masks and other necessary things and the demand was more than supply.
Batches of rumored untested drugs ran out and it was total chaos.

A blogger spreading fake news and rumors.

As if all that was not enough! Some people went online to spread fake news and rumors about some miracle drugs that cured the disease.
Events in an old movie are very similar to what we are facing right now.
Fear spreads faster than a virus and is much more deadly if people start making mistakes because of it.

People are dying not just because of this pandemic but also because of hunger, lack of supplies and medicines, protests and police brutality.
And to make things even worse, relations between different countries are weakening and World War 3 might start at any time.

a person wearing mask watching something

This is a perfect movie to watch right now because instead of making mistakes yourself, you’ll see others making those mistakes and then facing the consequences and that is the perfect way to become more cautious and stay safe.

Wear masks when going outside. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times.
Don’t go to crowded places and if you think that you might be infected, stay away from everyone and quarantine yourself.
If you have symptoms that are getting worse, call a doctor or a hospital instead of going there.
And finally, enjoy watching movies, documentaries or anything you like. You might feel lonely and locked up but that just makes you safer than others.
This pandemic will end and when it does, you’ll feel like a totally different person.