SendGrid Review (2020) – One of the worst email platforms!

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After waiting for a month approx. I tried to register again directly from their site and I was able to register without any problems BUT their delivery rate is still really bad. More than half of the emails went to spam even though I made sure that DKIM, SPF and other DNS records were perfectly set and working. At this point, I just can’t recommend SendGrid to anyone. Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money to get a Dedicated IP from SendGrid, you should stay away from them or use their service at your own risk.


Sendgrid is one of the most popular email platform in the world and it specializes in delivering transactional and marketing emails.

This review took me a whole month to write primarily because I was not able to signup on SendGrid for the first 7 days and after that I faced a lot of issues that are still not fixed and will probably not be fixed in near future.

Issues appeared

The very first problem I faced with SendGrid was when I tried to signup.
This is what I get when I try to sign in with my account.

sendgrid error after suspending account

Useless Support

When I got this error, I tried to contact their support by clicking the support button but what I got was a messy support page which led to no solution at all!
Live chat was also down (still is) but I somehow managed to send them a request to review this problem by filling a contact form which was not easily accessible at all!
It’s been a whole month and I’ve tried to contact them multiple times but I still have no reply from them.

Not a problem with IP Address

To make sure if It’s just me or not, I made a 2nd account and I got same error.
I changed my IP Address and created a 3rd account and still same error.
I started my vpn, flushed my dns, installed another browser and made a 4th account and I still got the same error.

That was when I started losing my mind and went crazy. I turned off my pc, booted into ubuntu live and installed OpenVPN, set everything up on my vps on Microsoft Azure and used that to signup for the 5th time! And I still got the same damn error!

For the whole next week I sent them emails and filled that damn form again and again and I still have no reply from them!!

Worked at last!

After 10 days I was finally able to signup on SendGrid by using Heroku. I successfully entered the dashboard. What could go wrong I thought!
Well, next morning my SendGrid account was banned! And I didn’t do anything except enter the dashboard ONCE!!

After wasting 5 more days, I signed up on SendGrid via Microsoft Azure. Success! Not a single problem faced this time! After letting it rest for a whole week (I was really worried about account ban) I was finally able to use SendGrid.
I was so sure that It’ll work out this time.

Really Disappointed

Once I started sending test email to multiple emails of mine I found another problem! 7 out of 10 emails went in Spam!

I contacted support for the final time and I got a reply within a couple hours which surprised me A LOT! My only guess is that SendGrid gives priority to customers that contact via Microsoft Azure.
Anyways, So what made me really angry was the reply I got. They told me to upgrade to a paid plan instead of actually fixing the problem by changing the shared ip of my account.


Don’t use SendGrid if you really care about the emails you send. After hearing the stories of many others, even Paid plans don’t resolve your problems. SendGrid tells you to upgrade to an even costlier plan and get a dedicated ip.

SendGrid has a messy site, a lot of SPAM users, bad deliverability unless you get a dedicated ip, suspend/ban of account without any warning or explanation and totally useless support.

I had to take a break for a whole week to cool down my frustration. It’s a total disaster. My only suggestion is to stay away from SendGrid!!