MusicBee Review – The Ultimate Music Player

MusicBee Main Image

We all love music. So many genres to to choose from and so many brilliant artists making amazing music for us to listen.
But where do we lack? Good Music Players!

Billions of devices use Windows and we just use Groove or Windows Media Player that comes pre-installed in Windows but they both lack something or other.
Today I’ll tell you about MusicBee and why It’s better than Groove or Windows Media Player.

I’ll keep it simple. Groove is one of the worst Music Players I’ve ever tried. I have 1000+ music albums in lossless quality and Groove can’t even index them properly.

Groove Main Image

More than 200 albums are reported as Unknown when in fact they are properly tagged.
Groove can’t play lossless music without gaps in between and this is very annoying when I listen to albums that supposed to be played gaplessly.
To make things worse, the music quality itself is very bad. It’s like Groove is not playing the music accurately. FLAC feels like 128kbps MP3.

Windows Media Player is not good either. It doesn’t have indexing problems and It sounds good too but it also fails to play my lossless music gaplessly. Windows Media Player consumes a lot of resources and still runs really slowly. It can get so slow that it might stop responding unless you restart your PC.

But what about MusicBee?
Oh It’s a perfect Music Player. Just install, select the Music directory and you are good to go. It’s super fast, plays music gaplessly and the sound quality is perfect. The music management is also perfect. There are so many options that even I haven’t tried them all yet!

A little preview of how many options MusicBee has

Everything is organized perfectly. By Artist, By Album, By Playlist, etc.
You get the track information on the lower right side of the Music Player. Total Size, Time, Bitrate, etc. And you can customize it all!

Customizable tagging options in MusicBee

There are just so many customisations that you simply can’t check them all. You can even set Hotkeys for literally any function inside MusicBee. More Music Players should provide such options!

Option to edit hotkeys in MusicBee. This makes it 1000 times easier to use it.

You can even Rip CDs wit MusicBee and although this feature is available in Windows Media Player too, In MusicBee you get much more options that are simply not available in other Music Players.

CD Ripping options in MusicBee.

I have never seen a Music Player with this many features and customisations and any normal person will be easily overwhelmed by all this but once you use it for a couple of days, you’ll be simply addicted to it.

I have already installed it in all my PCs and I use it for 12 hours a day on average. With this kind of usage, I am sure that you’ll be able to understand how good it must be! Give it a try.
MusicBee truly is The Ultimate Music Manager and Player.